Episode 0: Toppie Smashes Through

He said he was going to do it by January 1, 2010.  So here Toppie Smellie is on December 31 stumbling his way through wordpress and mevio (where Toppie hosts his podcast) to publish his blog and his new podcast Toppie calls “The Smellcast.”

Finesse will have to come later — this is all a bit much to take in at once, although Toppie certainly commends wordpress for making this as user-friendly as it is.

Bellow (if Toppie can configure it right) is a link to his very first episode of “The Smellcast.”  It is a personal journal audio blog about Toppie Smellie as he shares his day to day life with everyone.  If you are a fan of personal journals, then we  hope you will give Toppie Smellie’s “Smellcast” a couple of tries.  Hope you enjoy!

Click here to listen to my podcast!          Smellcast, episode zero


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