Episode 5: Toppie’s First Earth-Shattering Rant

For the first time on his brand new podcast, Toppie has a full-blown rave-out.  You might wonder if the subject of Toppie’s first rant is some earth-shattering issue that affects every life on the planet.  No.  What leads Toppie to ranting is really something only he would care about.  But it’s kind of funny so you may as well listen.

Also: Toppie admits to tipping a few pints before recording, so you may as well put this down as his first drunky-cast too.  Well, wouldn’t you maybe tip a few if you had learned something about yourself that you had believed to be true for untold years??  Well, okay then.

Oh the humanity.  Listen to today’s Smellcast to hear what happens when you thought you knew a basic fact about your own life only to discover through mere happenstance that what you thought was true isn’t true at all! Find out in this fun rant-cast/full on spaz-out, what Toppie reveals as his  sad, sad truth.

Click the link below to hear The Smellcast: Episode 5.

The Smellcast/Episode 5

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