Episode 16 The Demon Horned Computer

Toppie’s old Dell has finally crapped out!  @#!!*!!  So now he’s working on an old Gateway laptop that was given to him fortuitously as a timely gift by his aunt who’s not really an aunt but rather his mother’s child-hood friend.

One of Toppie’s co-workers — an “all-right joe” — is going to build him a new computer that will house his old hard drive, as well as a new one.  That’s twice the podcasting power, people!

Today, Toppie is busy backing up his podcast files;  he also chitter-chats about how his new recording hobby is stealing his beauty sleep;  curious and snoopy co-workers; flamboyant podcast titles; the podcast as a journal to record day to day life; and finally, what should the Smellcast BE about?

Funny moment: at the very end of this podcast, Toppie appears to just drift off — did he fall asleep?  Toppie says he doesn’t remember doing that but… It sounds like his last words are “away,” or maybe “I’m awake”.  Snicker and Gfaw!!

Bonus Boner: Can you identify what movie is playing in the background?  Write to Toppie at smellcast@aol.com and tell him your guess.

Please click the link below to listen to The Smellcast/Episode 16.

The Smellcast/Episode 16

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2 Responses to “Episode 16 The Demon Horned Computer”

  1. Jay Y Says:

    Was the movie The Birds? I don’t know how you could listen to that loop over and over. I started focusing on it and hypnotized myself! Did you ever tell your co-worker to respect your privacy? Just curious.


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Yes indeedy Jay, that was Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedron from “The Birds,” one of my all-time favorite movies — and one that I had some fun with in episodes 55 through 61 of the Smellcast. It was an experiment to repeat that same segment of their dialogue over and over — and an experiment I think I only tried maybe one more time before deciding that it was just too distracting — or even “hypnotic,” as you experienced.

      I never needed to ask my co-worker to respect my privacy, because if indeed he ever did discover something saucy on my computer he never let on and I certainly never detected a change in his behavior towards me. As far as co-worker relationships go — this guy remains the closest relationship I have maintained at the work-place, and it has been nice getting to know him over the years. He is quite “unpretentious,” as I described him — and yes, very down to earth. I like him a lot. Maybe even have a bit of a crush on him actually, if I’m totally honest with myself. But an adult crush. Mostly I just respect the guy and feel he really is “an allright Joe…” (and even more really).


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