sc Special The Pink Swastika Part 2

Part two of a lecture by Christian evangelical, author, speaker Scott Lively on his book “The Pink Swastika.”

Scott Lively’s book “The Pink Swastika” is in our opinion, a blatant attempt to prove that homosexuals are immoral and destructive by examining their (according to Lively) central role in Nazism.

This is part two of a four part series devoted to a presentation given by Lively on his own work “The Pink Swastika.”  Toppie Smellie says he believes the homosexual community should know about the book and in particular the dangerous conclusions Lively has made as a result of his wildly anti-gay biased research into gay and Nazi history.

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Please click the link below to listen to sc special on Pink Swastika part two.

sc Special – The Pink Swastika Part Two

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2 Responses to “sc Special The Pink Swastika Part 2”

  1. Mark in Canada Says:

    This guy seems obsessed with Spartans and sex with boys. Hmmmm… He’s practically drooling about all this stuff. Seems like he’s got some issues.


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