sc 57 Dinner of Strangeness.

Toppie continues the story of meeting Mitch and his greatest romance.  In this episode, Toppie is in Bodega Bay to persue the latest man of his dreams, Mitch Brenner, a handsome lawyer.

Toppie finds an overnight room at Annie Hayworth’s home (a woman who has a history with Mitch), then dines with Mitch at his home where he meets Mitch’s Mother Lydia and young Cathy, Mitch’s little sister.  Toppie tries to find out from Cathy if Mitch is gay or straight, but before the answer comes, Cathy experiences a sudden wave of nausea upon Toppie’s inappropriate declaration that he has seen Mitch’s erect penis.

Meanwhile, Toppie’s crazy, tranny, drag queen, Puerto Rican ex-boyfriend continues to stalk him — this time by poisoning Mitch’s chickens!

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Click the link below to listen to the Smellcast, episode 57.

The Smellcast/Episode 57


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