sc 86 Gay Elders and the Eww Factor.

D’ya ever wonder why gay men over the age of forty dare to face their younger peers at the local gay club and dance — like, in public — and (horror of horrors) sometimes even take their shirts off?

Eeeeewww! Go home gran’pa!!

Toppie takes a close look at our gay community and how the young and old are perceived by each other.  Have a listen and think about the discussion in this episode.  Then please take a moment to respond.  What are your feelings?  Write in to  Or leave a comment right here on Toppie’s blog.  You could even record an mp3 file of your thoughts and send it in — we’ll play it in a later episode.

It’s time for a dialogue on this subject!  And YOU are encouraged to participate!

Please click the link below to listen to the Smellcast, episode 86.

The Smellcast/Episode 86

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2 Responses to “sc 86 Gay Elders and the Eww Factor.”

  1. Mark in Canada Says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful episode. I think in defense of younger gays, they are a lot closer to the dynamics of high school than we are. And all they’ve known is youth.

    They are also under extreme amounts of pressure to make something of themselves and be beautiful (because it’s not enough just to be young, you also have to be beautiful). Add this to the biological aspects you mentioned, and some truly lecherous older guys, and you have a recipe for bitchiness to their elders.

    However, I’ve been surprised at how many young guys are attracted to older guys. I think with all of the turmoil and pressure, they like someone to take charge. Hell, I like someone to take charge every once in a while.

    The truth is that youth passes and everyone will (hopefully) get old. Every old person was once young. Just look at Brad Pitt, who will always be older than me. Ha!

    I try to treat young guys with respect and understanding and not as just sexual playthings. I keep my drooling on the down low. I try to give them advice based on my experience and they seem to appreciate it.

    So I think if the respect flows to them, they will reciprocate. It may seem like they have the world on a string but they’re actually in a tough spot and in a very difficult part of life. I wouldn’t trade places with them.

    Another great episode!


  2. toppiesmellie Says:

    You have brought up some excellent ideas Mark, Thank you. What do you think listeners and readers…? I have to admit, Mark’s thoughts as expressed by him above, never crossed my mind when I was recording. What other points/facts about gay youths or elders did I miss or over-look in my episode about Gay Elders?


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