sc 94 Victory In Jesus!

Toppie explains why he walked out of a funeral, mid-service, and waited by the family truck, sulking and being a miserable SOB. Find all about it in today’s VICTORY IN JESUS!

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Please click the link below to listen to the Smellcast, episode 94.

The Smellcast/Episode 94

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2 Responses to “sc 94 Victory In Jesus!”

  1. Karen in Portland Says:

    Good for you! Bravo.


  2. Mark in Canada Says:

    When my family attended a pentecostal church, the pastor of the church loved funerals because they gave him the opportunity to “witness to sinners”. So, you are correct that, however inappropriate, the Baptist pastor saw an opportunity and took it.

    More recently at my uncle’s funeral, the Catholic priest praised my uncle and aunt for being married for 40+ years and “not just giving up.” I thought this was a slam against the divorced persons at the funeral. And this was coming from a man who had never been involved with anyone for any period of time. Classy.


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