sc 120 Strange Adventures in Vancouver.


As “Toppie’s Terribly Twisted Tales” continues, Toppie presents two stories from Vancouver, Canada!  Mark ( tells an odd story about a tussle with his brother that results in the mysterious disappearance of a Pop-Tart!  Then journey into fear with Dale ( and his story about his possessed Ipod, and what happens in the darkness of night.  The entire episode concludes with Toppie’s proclamation that both Mark and Dale are a couple of spazes.

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Click the link below to listen to the Smellcast, episode 120.

The Smellcast/Episode 120

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8 Responses to “sc 120 Strange Adventures in Vancouver.”

  1. Dale in Vancouver Says:

    Hey Toppie,
    Thanks for reading my story on your podcast and for the plug for my blog.

    A proud spaz (maybe even a spazoid),


  2. Bridget Says:

    Great episode. 🙂

    I suspect Dale has something I have – sleep paralysis:
    The dreams can get very intense.


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Well now, that could be. I have heard of sleep paralysis. In fact my father has had episodes of it from time to time in his life. But in Dale’s case… well at least I think, I’m fairly certain ol’ Dale was pulling our leg a bit. At least, that’s the way I interpreted it. I’m pretty sure his story was kind of a gag. Am I wrong Dale? If you WERE being serious, and that really DID happen to you… maybe Bridget is right and you were experiencing sleep paralysis!! Or maybe… there are just things out there we don’t understand… (twilight zone theme).


      • Dale in Vancouver Says:

        ipod headphones do not drag me off the bed screaming in the middle of the night. But I do sometimes scare myself in the middle of the night. Something about the dead quiet and the dark…
        Ever get up in the middle of the night to get a drink or something, and try to look in the peephole of your door, feeling deathly afraid you might see something walk by or pop up? Ever avoid the mirror in the middle of the night for fear of what you might see in the background? I do…and those things are true.


  3. Mark in Canada Says:

    Thanks for spicing up my rather lame story. I was riveted even though I knew the ending. Once again your talents amaze me, Toppie!


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Lame, shmame! It was a fun little gem of a story that paired perfectly with Dale’s story. But still, I hold to my previous proclamation that you are both full time spazes — or “spazoids” — as Dale suggested! LOL!


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