sc 169 “There’s Got to Be A Morning After!”

Face front, True Believers!

A special end-of-the-world episode today as Toppie examines the concept of the rapture and Harold Camping’s prediction of May 21, 2011 being the day that God’s elect will be raised and brought home to heaven while non-believers are fated to wander through an earthquake ravaged world where all the dead who were not raised lie strewn about, rotting out in the open.

Join Toppie as he brings you coverage from both the East and West coast as the day of rapture draws near.  Listen as Sassy interviews Harold Camping himself from his Oakland California headquarters, as well as some of his followers who have been busy warning believers and non-believers alike that the day of judgement draws near.

Finally, learn what Kentie, a spiritual adviser from the Flatus Show, has to say about the whole affair.

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Click the link below to listen to the Smellcast, episode 169.

The Smellcast/Episode 169

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8 Responses to “sc 169 “There’s Got to Be A Morning After!””

  1. Jay Y Says:

    Great show. I really enjoyed Kentie’s portion. Very thought provoking. For some reason, I was having some 70’s “Mr Jaws” flashbacks in the beginning portion. Don’t ask- it hurts the mind to try and figure me out.


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Haunty — write back and please to explain this “Mr Jaws” reference. I am at a loss, but oh so very curious as to how your mind works. I don’t care if it takes you five paragraphs to explain. I simply must know. 😉


  2. Jay Y Says:

    Mr. Jaws was the first comedy record I remember where an “interviewer” would ask a question and it would be answered by an appropriate portion of a (usually current pop) song. It came out soon after the Jaws movie. I used to have the 45. I think it was actually interviewing the shark. Told ya I’m weird. Oh, Toppie, btw, there is a new Bigfoot hunter series starting on Animal Planet next week.


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Hah!! I actually DO remember listening to the radio back in the day and those comedy segments where an interviewer would ask questions that would be answered by a segment from a current pop song… Although I am a bit surprised that this “bit” was still going on by the time the movie “Jaws” was released. *** sigh *** It was a different age back then. I miss old fashioned AM radio… I really do. Thanks for reminding me. (I don’t have cable TV, but maybe will be able to see Bigfoot Hunter via Netflix or some other online venue in the near future. Thanks Haunty!! 😉


  3. Joe G. Says:

    A new listener here. I love the cover art of the “Late Great Planet Earth” comic. I have an original copy of that as I was a teen aged fundamentalist Christian when it came out and bought it at the time (I was a big comic book reader at the time).

    I heard about your podcast via Kentie: I’m a long time listener of his. I’m sorry he didn’t reference me because I am HIS spiritual adviser…:)

    BTW, too bad you weren’t raptured. It was a LOT of fun.

    Thanks for the great show!f


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Thank you Joe G. I recall some (well at least one) of your appearances on Kentie’s show — not too long ago, I think. I follow you on Twitter and check in to your blog from time to time. So happy to have you as a new listener. Apparently I will have another shot at being raptured some time down the road. I guess. Put in a good word for me!


  4. HatM Says:

    I missed most of Harold Camping’s interviews and news bulletins, as here in the Mexicos it’s not that much news. More like boulevard news.
    However it is a pity Sassy didn’t finish his interview because I found it fascinating to hear how things are explained and how ridiculous mankind has to find over-thought explications for spiritual matters and how ineffective is the saint book fairy stories in the new century.


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Harold Camping’s story is quite a curiosity, I must say. And I am afraid he is up for more ridicule, as he is standing by his prediction for the world to end in October (I think) of this year. He just can’t let it go, I guess. Maybe he really, really believes this shit. But the more I have heard about him, the more I think he is just a vile, disgusting swindler of the highest snake-oil-salesman- category! Apparently he has made a LOT of money off this whole thing. I feel very sorry for those who succumbed to his hysteria.


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