sc 178 “Getting to Know Zig Martinez!” (Part One)

Holy pronoun catastrophe, Batman! Join Toppie as he chats with Zig Martinez about the complexities of human sexuality and gender identity.  It takes practically the whole episode but eventually Ziggy gets Toppie on the same page with her as far as her own way of self-identifying in terms of gender and sexuality.  Listen as Ziggy explains how after a life-time struggle with her own gender identification issues, she has decided to chuck all the labels and just be herself.

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Click the link below to listen to the Smellcast, episode 178.

The Smellcast/Episode 178

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2 Responses to “sc 178 “Getting to Know Zig Martinez!” (Part One)”

  1. Mike Perry Says:

    You mentioned that the impetus of this episode was a podcast that was making fun of Chaz Bono.

    If your referring PNS explosion, they made fun of Chaz and Cher long before Chaz came out as transgendered.

    When Chaz did come out as transgendered they publicly applauded Chaz for coming out, but decided not to treat him any differently just because he was transgendered, and still continue to make fun of him and Cher.

    Perhaps it was different gay podcast.



    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Hi Mike — thanks for taking the time to comment. As far as exactly what she found offensive, Ziggy didn’t specifically mention any one particular podcast in her conversation with me, (neither on the air nor off) and I didn’t ask, because pointing fingers isn’t where I wanted the discussion to go. She did however, specifically mention Chaz Bono as a subject matter she felt was trivialized (my word) and Pride 48 as a source of at least some material that was offensive to her. But beyond that I do not know what show or shows she felt put-off by. What people find offensive is purely a personal perspective. As someone who produces content for public consumption, I too have been made aware that I have offended some people who have listened to my little show. In trying to bring the funny, it sometimes happens.


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