“End of Summer Deck-Chat Special!”

It’s a special Smellcast episode in which Toppie and Sassy spend a late summer’s eve outside from their deck catching up on all the latest news.

Write to Toppie at Smellcast@aol.com.  Leave a comment right here on Toppie’s blog.  Friend Toppie on Facebook and follow him on Twitter and Google+.

Click the link below to listen to the End of Summer Deck-Cast Special.

End of Summer Deck-Cast Special!

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2 Responses to ““End of Summer Deck-Chat Special!””

  1. ranger john Says:

    is that mr smellie in a suit?


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      It is my face…. but everything else is completely fabricated by me using photoshop…. I’ve never owned a suit like that in my life…. but it does kinda look good on me. I’m more of the “find-the-best-thing-you-can-at-salvation-army” type good dresser.


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