Special Presentation of “The Incident.”

Another youth has killed himself because of bullying.  Toppie is presenting a special audio version of the 1967 movie called “The incident.”  It’s dark and powerful.  Adults are forgetting what it was like to be bullied from the perspective of a youth.  This movie will remind them.  Toppie believes the movie should be required viewing for teachers, administrators and parents.  Maybe even students.

Director: Larry Peerce.  Writer: Nicholas E. Baehr.  CAST:  Victor Arnold, Robert Bannard, Beau Bridges, Ruby Dee,  Robert Fields, Jack Gilford, Mike Kellin, Ed McMahon, Gary Merrill, Donna Mills, Tony Musante, Brock Peters, Thelma Ritter, Martin Sheen, Jan Sterling, and Diana Van der Vlis.

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Click the link below to listen to a special presentation of “the incident.”

Special/The Incident

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4 Responses to “Special Presentation of “The Incident.””

  1. Butler Says:

    Thanks for sharing – I hadn’t heard of the movie before. Interesting stuff; I’m not articulate enough to make a good point in a few words, but it was definitely worth a listen.

    Of course the podcast is always worth my attention. I look forward to the next one.


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Thanks Butler! I know it’s just another pipe dream and it will never happen. I just wish adults who are involved in schools could be reminded of what it is like to feel threatened. In a very palpable way. And understand that there are some students out there in their own school system who currently are feeling exactly like the victims in this movie. And then I want them to DO SOMETHING about it.


  2. Mark in Canada Says:

    I like these lines from Lion in the Winter:

    Eleanor: “We’re jungle creatures, Henry, and the dark is all around us. See them? In the corners, you can see the eyes.”

    Henry: “And they can see ours.”

    We have to stand up and keep standing up to bullies of all sorts. If we cringe and cower, we lose. We’re much more powerful than we think.

    Oh, and I love Thelma Ritter so thanks for telling us about The Incident.


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