sc 206 “Mirror Shmirror!” (Part Two)

As we celebrate Halloween on the Smellcast, join our two heroes, Toppie and Sassy as they struggle to find their way back to their own dimension! But one of them must stay behind to save the other! An inspiring story of love and sacrifice! Well, mostly anyways…


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Click the link below to listen to the Smellcast, episode 206.

The Smellcast/Episode 206

Remember… we are looking for someone to portray Jose in upcoming episodes of the Smellcast.  Cleck HERE to learn how you can be part of the big show!

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6 Responses to “sc 206 “Mirror Shmirror!” (Part Two)”

  1. KathyBofSD Says:

    AOL – chatter. I just remembered something that happened at work on Friday – this older than me person who is not very savvy is a supervisor in the Accounts Payable section – she was going around and she was talking about these cards for ‘hard-drives’ more commonly called ‘towers’ now? Well, anyway, she was asking people who wanted a cart for their ‘CPUs’ and then I had to leave to laugh…..sorry ~ have a great day!!


  2. Jay Y Says:

    Sheer brilliance, Toppie! I especially loved the underlying music (including hints of Lost in Space) and the classic Trek references.


  3. kalvinwaffles Says:

    Very much enjoyed these series of shows, Toppie. I’ve been listening to them the past couple days to stay in the Halloween mood. I very much enjoyed the story line and the bonus tumblr Auntie Tappie features. I really am enjoying the way your stories are developing in a more loose fashion less tied to other material and all of the extra voices (er…actors) you’ve been doing. So much work! Hope that everything is working out all right with your car. That sounds like such a nightmare. It does feel as if it is really impossible to save these days.


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Thank you Kalvin — glad you liked the Halloweenie themes, ‘cuz I really dig the “feel” of that time of year. The truth is, Auntie’s name is really Tatti… but now I wish I had named her Tappie… it’s SO much better! I may secretly change it to “Tappie,” and pretend that’s what it has always been all along! Hah!

      Aunt Tatti’s name confusion is not unlike my recent experience on “Hello Waffles…” in that for the longest time I thought Cho Li was a male but I think the character’s sex was actually addressed via a pronoun or something in one of the last few shows. Turns out, to my own dismay, that Cho Li is a female! Hah! Now, even though I know Cho Li’s true sex… it’s going to be difficult getting my brain to remember Cho Li is of the female persuasion!

      My car is only JUST now finally in the shop being repaired. Well… at least ONE of its problems is being fixed — the heater/blower. The radiator is leaking more and more but it’s going to have to wait for the NEXT pay check for that problem to be fixed.


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