sc 238 “Family Doin’s.”

The latest update on Toppie’s parental units.

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4 Responses to “sc 238 “Family Doin’s.””

  1. Jay Y Says:

    Hey, Toppie. Really sorry to hear about your mom’s declining health. I’m also hoping this surgery will really benefit your dad. I think a doggie to shower affection on will be equally beneficial to all involved. Thanks for the update-I’m sure this wasn’t an easy one to do. HUGS.


  2. Butler Says:

    If it’s encouraging at all, I continue to listen to the podcast and enjoy it very much. (I’m not sure how this is supposed to go! I don’t have any kind of show or blog or I could talk about it there.) I just listen, but I’ve become attached to it and it’s meaningful to me to hear about, say, the family doin’s, even though technically I don’t know any of you. But all the episodes have a personal touch and maybe that’s what we respond to…

    And I enjoyed this: as I scanned the page, my eye caught the tags “arthritis” and “gay podcast” and in that moment my brain told me that I had read “gay arthritis”. Can someone tell me about gay arthritis?


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Thank you so much Butler — your thoughts are always welcome here. And this comment was very encouraging when I read it. As for gay arthritis — I don’t know, but it must be a very festive form of the disease!! Hah! 🙂


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