sc 253 You Can Really Taste The Difference!

So…  I’ve decided to go with Libsyn as my podcast’s host provider.  I know… real original solution, huh?  Well.  I’ll do a podcast about my decision down the road.  Not all the links or itunes stuff is in place yet.  But below you can find a link for a direct download.  I’m also attempting to use Feedburner — and I’ve probably totally screwed that up.  Anyone out there use Feedburner?  I could use some advice…  write me, okay?

Anyways… on with the show.

Among the topics Toppie blathers about today is his new job assignment at work, his latest car woes, a parental update, some fun listener mail and finally the biggest news of all — tomorrow Toppie and his mother will travel to the far reaches of New York State to retrieve the family’s NEW PUPPY DOG!

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Right click HERE to Direct Download episode 253.

(not yet available on itunes)

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6 Responses to “sc 253 You Can Really Taste The Difference!”

  1. Jay Y Says:

    Brought it into my iTurds. Cool!


  2. Brother Cinaedus (@brothercinaedus) Says:

    It is wonderful having you in my ears again. I look forward to each episode. For interfering with this, I hope Mevio burns.


  3. kalvinwaffles Says:

    So happy to hear you again Toppie! I liked the alternative anagrams. Hope things are well and that it hasn’t all been too painful. It does really suck. Strange how there was that discussion with Mark about deleting the back catalogue, and then it happened to you without any choice of your own! 😦 Congratulations on the new building which is a pleasant development it seemed. Wishing you luck with the car. Hope you are well!


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      Hi Kalvin! Thanks! Oh and I screwed up that anagram thing… Crone Haven was DECONSTRUCTING “Hey Baby I’m a Man…” to come up with her (real) anagrams. I had said she was making anagrams from “Auntie Tappie.”

      Yeah how about that back catalogue thing. At some point I’m going to figure out a way to make them available again… erm… somehow.

      As of this date, I have yet to find a welder to reconnect my tubes. I still sound like I’m driving a hot rod. It’s sorta cool. Sorta.


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