sc 255 Does She Sound A Little Mannish?

Following the fustercluck that was Mevio, Toppie returns with a brand new feed to bring you more Smellie goodness!


In this episode, you will hear from Aunt Tappie as well as — believe it or not — Sassy!  It’s all quite disturbing, to be honest.

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Right click HERE to Direct Download episode 255.

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5 Responses to “sc 255 Does She Sound A Little Mannish?”

  1. Jay Y Says:

    Damn. Having trouble with the iTurds downloading the episode again.


    • toppiesmellie Says:

      DANG IT ALL JAY!!!!!!!!! I made the exact same mistake I did the last damn time I tried to upload to Libsyn! I guess I am so used to how I did it with (fuck)Mevio that I can’t get it into my brain to do it the way Libsyn likes it!

      Anyways — apologies to all — I just took down the messed up file and re-uploaded what is hopefully a correctly encoded Mp3 file of episode 255.

      I’m going to TRY real hard NOT to make this mistake a THIRD time! Sheesh!


  2. Jay Y Says:

    Eh, it’s okay. All that matters is that we get the episode eventually. Thanks for all your hard work.


  3. Jay Y Says:

    Really enjoyed your call with Aunt Tappie. Hilarious.


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