sc 290 The Car. (Part One)

Toppie begins by sharing some listener responses to the questions:  “Do I have an accent?” and “Do I sound gay?”  We hear from Moose P, Jay the Hauntcub, Scotty the Aussie Battler, Butler, Whitman Tinker and the ever-mysterious Crone Haven.

Next, we find Toppie in the the process of SELLING his 1994 Honda Accord as he visits a used car sales lot.

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3 Responses to “sc 290 The Car. (Part One)”

  1. kathybacon Says:

    Am I the only dang (emphasis on the g). person that posts comments. Just kidding.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Well… it’s pretty rare for anyone to stop and get on here to make a comment. I think more than anything though… it is perhaps because everyone is now using their smart phones to do so much of what they used to do behind a computer & keyboard, and it just must be too much of a pain in the ass to negotiate through wordpress to leave comments via the phone… maybe.


  2. KathyBacon Says:

    Well, I kinda forget to come back to see if there is a response – I think this is a lovely way to leave a message – I hate the ones where I have to figure out if those smashed together letters are G’s or 8’s. UGH!!! haha –

    I think I am the definition of a TROLL actually – oh, well!! Was thinking of a hiatus – like a three or four week break – and then I think of how much I would miss everyone – so – anyway, you have a great week – and I sure hope you enjoyed your four days off – I sure am enjoying my seven hour days – especially since the new lady is a micromanager and I think she hates me – which what else is new – she took up with the ineffective harassing employee and is trying to treat me crappy – but I can yes ma’am like anyone – haha

    Gotta love when people – Indians – who have these jobs based on a blood test – Indian Preference – and act like there is Prestige in them – and then they are pretty much ego maniacs who accomplish little.

    I do love all my lights and my Chrima cards – I got glitter ones for everyone podcasty – I will spare you all the family letter and picture of the kids – dogs – and Jerald. I put him on the card because we went to Dallas Texas and he got to go through the Cowboys Stadium – Would be awesome to go watch them in person – or even training camp – anyway, he was adorable there – like a little kid in a candy store.



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