sc 297 EFF SASSY!

sc episode 297

Sassy joins the gang today via Skype as they discuss the Smellcast; its past and future.

Hi.  This is Toppie Smellie.  Please do not correspond with Sassy any longer.  He is officially banned from the Smellcast.  Thank you.  — Toppie

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13 Responses to “sc 297 EFF SASSY!”

  1. kathybacon Says:

    No sassy?

    No Bacon.

    Good Riddance.


  2. kathybacon Says:

    After listening to the show, because I post based on show notes … well, I maintain my first post. Someone uh-hem namely Toppie! Needs to listen to the show. Shake my dang head!!! What kind of chrima spirit is not going in here. You are obviously forgetting I love sassy!!!!


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      I can’t understand how that little piece of outdated machinery has wormed his way into your heart, Kathy. He CLEARLY doesn’t care about the Smellcast, that’s for sure. I haven’t had time yet to re-listen to the show, but I doubt it will make me change my opinion about Sassy. I never really liked him all that much in the first place. He’s okay, but I wouldn’t expect him back…


  3. KathyBacon Says:

    I think I love Sassy because of just that – I live around uptight people who cannot take a joke – including and especially my husbands family – from 8th grade on up me and my friends were hilarious and interacted like all of you podcasters – played off each other – hi-fived when we hit a good one – and now I am surrounded by assholes. And you know it is serious because I rarely swear in print. 😦 Just wait until you hear my next call to the BFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like the Little Fatty Cast End – I will survive the Sassy Dismissal – I still enjoy toppie and aunt whatshername – the bit about the whats on your head was hil-HAIR-ious.

    I am certain the main character [YOU] on the Smellcast will deliver –

    I just love Sassy, Poodle & Conscience – probably because I have a filter on my mouth –


  4. KathyBacon Says:

    Okay – I am over the shock – I look forward to seeing what is in store for the smellcast – and anyways, its your show 🙂

    Your recorded outings are great too – just hope you keep enjoying chitty chatting for us guys!!!!

    How did you draw that line through that in that message? You are so fancy and techy!


  5. Butler Says:

    If you’ve reached a decision to ban Sassy, then I guess that’s it – end of story, nothing further to discuss…

    But wait: is it possible that I, the listener, should feel some sort of PITY for Sassy, the most sinister of all podcast-based sentient computers? Scandalous!


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