sc 298 Much Ado About Sassy.

sc episode 298

Toppie welcomes the Christmas season to the Smellcast, with some readings from greeting cards sent in by listeners. Toppie then gives you an update on how his parental units are coping with the Christmas season, and talks about his own wishy-washy feelings about the holiday.

Then come the phone calls. Yes. Phone calls from unhappy listeners. Listeners who are, it appears, overly sentimental about Sassy, and who are not happy about the last episode of the Smellcast.

Eventually Toppie finally connects with Aunt Tappie, who hips him as to what’s really going on. And that’s how we find ourselves by the end of the episode… with the return of Sassy to the Smellcast.

Toppie hopes you are all happy now.

Meanwhile, Toppie alerts you to his guest spot on ScreamQueenz.. . the podcast where horror gets bent! Host Patrick allows Toppie a full 45 minutes to blab on and on about his beloved old TV soap, Dark Shadows.

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9 Responses to “sc 298 Much Ado About Sassy.”

  1. kathybacon Says:

    That little bacon bits! She was my voice coach!! Hijacking my acting career!!!

    Welcome home Sassy. I love you!


  2. KathyBacon Says:

    I will – she sounded a lot like me – for real – I don’t hear ir over here but I could tell on the show –


  3. you knowwho Says:

    I was so focused on Sassy I missed your love for Chrima declaration. I do a Chrima letter and I don’t enjoy them as much as I used to – but since you also love those so much I have sent you mine. Please don’t read it on the show. (:

    Now what is it nylon buns or walnut turtles?? You are a crafty one!!

    To be honest if it weren’t for the kids I would skip the holiday all together. And little miss actually pinky promised next year she would take Florida over this hooplah!! Course by then she won’t want anything else unless they invent something else.

    The oldest informed me his phone was broke. I might inform him he should pick up some work over the break between semesters to earn some money to pay the $100 deductible right? Kids! I tell ya! Suck the life out of me and the pennies from my bank account. But nope! I am not giving the $100!! Come home for the holiday and earn it! Shovel, vacuum, dust, or don’t come home.

    Oh Toppie! I’m kinda cranky today, huh? Maybe its my unmatched socks.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Hah! Unmatched socks will do that to you. Honestly, your Chrimma wackiness probably trumps mine on account of your kids… but let’s face it… it’s a pretty crazy time of the year for everybody! As for my turn this year at Chrimma craftiness.. I am leaning towards peanut brittle… again. Hope everyone has a dental plan in place! πŸ˜€


  4. just me Says:

    Since I take those kids to the dentist every six months plus a day for insurance purposes, I know how much fillings and chipped teeth cost – I will take a pass on the brittle and a rain check on a drink in Vegas – then we can tell each other what we really think πŸ˜€

    I have not caved in on the $ yet – but it is sickening when you think about it – paying about $70 per month per kid per phone and his is out of commission….it’s how they getcha!!! keep your $15 plan these buggers are just distractions.

    Home sick today – sinus and sore throat – nothing like a Nyquil Coma coming right up ….


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Well… my little old timey pre-paid flip phone is suitable. And yes… keeping the chompers up is a huge investment. They have a lot to do with quality of life, so I want to take care of them. There is a reason we see so many people with a mouth full of empty spaces from pulled teeth. For many, many people… that’s all they can afford to do.

      Hope you feel better soon! πŸ™‚


  5. just me Says:

    Just went to a dinner at Jeralds aunts – his dad got new choppers, top and bottom – Now I want some!!!


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      LOL! I hope they were big piano key sized choppers… brighter than ivory white! Good choppers are good for us! I also know its not so much fun for those going through it… but… fix thy teeth people! You’ll have a better quality of life if you do! CHOMP!!!!!!!!!!!


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