sc 299 That’s A Big One!

sc episode 299

Sassy and Billy join Toppie for a holiday Christmas Tree decorating party, in which Toppie opens  Chrimmah cards and tries to make the season bright.

Toppie reminds listeners about the Pride 48 Hydrogen Holiday Show going on over at the Pride 48 on  December 23.  The Smellcast will have a special half hour Chrimma Show you can catch live in a mix of live podcasts and pre-recorded podcasts.  Special time instructions to follow.

Also, please be aware of  the Chrimma Karaoke show going on over at Pride 48 on December 22. at 7:00 pm Eastern time over  there at Pokin’ It With A Stick, with Gavin and Jim!

Meanwhile, Sassy continues to deal with his ordeal in France.

Finally, Toppie opens Chrimmah Greeting cards from listeners of the Smellcast.

All this and Kathy Bacon too!

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2 Responses to “sc 299 That’s A Big One!”

  1. KathyBofSD Says:

    That mouse – Sassy – That is podcasting GOLD!!!!!!

    Hope you enjoyed the letter……the backside was sent to the families and such – the frontside was especially for all of us Pride 48 people –

    Have a GREAT week!!!! Thoughts and Hugs –


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