sc 303 Visit to A Country Home

sc episode 303

Join Toppie and his parents as they take a drive up the East side of Lake Cayuga to visit friends.  While there, Toppie works on a 1950’s MG, communes with nature and enjoys a bountiful harvest inside an old country kitchen.

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7 Responses to “sc 303 Visit to A Country Home”

  1. kathybacon Says:

    Well! If this isn’t a plump surprise. I opened iTunes aka your nemesis, and I hadn’t downloaded podcasts since December 19th – which is when the wicked witch began her attack Kathy … anyway! Aside from two or three shows – I haven’t heard many.

    On a better note the toe isn’t numb. Still ugly but not numb.

    Forgot what else I was going – OH!!!! Love that Sassy was on the BFO twice. I lol’d when BF read Fey’s cent-us twice. Census. Ha! He said he likes my calls.

    Well …. thanks!


  2. kathybacon Says:

    I am finally able to listen. I need a smile and a laugh and a gasp (:


  3. kalvinwaffles Says:

    Really enjoyed this show, Toppie. Interesting to hear all the different sounds and imagine the different sort of places. I’m a huge fan of honey, but it’s so expensive! It was really nice to go help out your parents like that. You’re such a dutiful son! I had no idea that tomatillos would even grow that far north. Pretty tasty, imo…


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Hey Kalvin — I have not been aware of anyone growing tomatillos around here either… also, like Margo said — I guess they grow like a weed… she said she never purposely plants them… that they do it all on their own!


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