sc 305 Crazy Crazy Mixed Up World

sc episode 305

As Sassy continues his downward spiral into a deep depression, Toppie struggles to put out a new Smellcast episode and makes a failed attempt to apologize to Cricket.

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10 Responses to “sc 305 Crazy Crazy Mixed Up World”

  1. kathybacon Says:

    Dangit. I keep concentrating on work when you talk to cricket!! I have to listen yet a fourth time.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      It’s really nothing I said… it was just that flying tackle I used to stall Cricket. Probably shouldn’t have done that.


      • kathybacon Says:

        That’s right!! How was jail? Everything you dreamed of and more? I will listen again. Today was a wild one.

        Poor depressed Sassy – he should work where I work –

        Eleven flippin degrees. Home for the day. Could clean more before the brother gets here in about three hours. But no thanks. I want new carpet but before I choose carpet I have to grow a decorating gene because I don’t know crap about matching and stuff. I’m kind of just all around plain. I feel empty walls require less dusting. Maybe I should buy dollar store decor, when it gets dusty I can throw it out.

        Well – I better go make my song pop moves. Man I suck at that game.


        • Toppie Smellie Says:

          Sassy says, “no thanks,” to that kathy… Jail is NOT what it’s cracked up to be. And… I have no decorating gene either… but I heartily agree with any tendency that leads to less dusting.


  2. Kathybacon Says:

    I don’t blame Sassy. Today was a deliverance. Don’t understand why one would think poor performance would be rewarded….

    The brother and nieces are here. They are enjoying their visit.


  3. KathyBofSD Says:

    The weekend is good – my dad came to my house – he is a sheet rocker and he knows all the contractors in town so I finally got to show him my plan for my foyer and now he is going to bring someone by to look at it and get me an estimate on painting, trimming, laying carpet and taking out two walls and replacing them with spindles. The baby is fun!!! Snicker-snicker, when they aren’t looking tomorrow I will replace their baby with a stuffed bear of little miss bacon’s – wouldn’t that be a hoot – they live 282 miles North of here.


  4. Kathybacon Says:

    Yes! Just read our podcast listener advice and I was laughing to myself thinking a comments section where a BSC stalker can converse with you is good. Then I thought an Amazon wish-list isn’t a bad thing either. Gotcha! Just see what people miss when they don’t go to the web page – missing our banter and chitty chat bwaahhaha. I’m sure one day you will beat me to the comment.


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