sc 311 No Women, No Cry.

sc episode 311

Toppie and special guest Brenda Boo continue a discussion about feminism and misogyny begun on the “Girl Power” episode of Brenda’s podcast, “Hello Again, It’s Brenda Boo.”  But first, a voice mail from Scotty, the Little Aussie Battler!

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2 Responses to “sc 311 No Women, No Cry.”

  1. amycoles Says:


    This HAS to be one of my most favorite episodes. First off, the intro was friggen wonderful. “Va-jay-jaay”. I need that as a ringtone. HAHA.

    Now, on a serious note. It’s not very often I chime in with more than just a supportive “great episode” because, well, I figure most people really don’t care what I have to say..(HA!) I appreciate this episode 100 times over. A serious episode now and then is a nice thing.

    When Brenda was talking about competitiveness, I had a flashback to high school. Ugh-hated it!! Being a poor, awkward girl from Detroit going to a very snooty, private high school. I was the friend that was always pushed aside, the last one picked and I could count my friends on 1 hand.. I think Brenda and I had quite a similar teenage life. People take advantage of the nicest people.

    People who pass judgement to others for no reason… or just in general…rub me wrong…..

    I better stop because I feel a ramble brewing!

    (And I think you guys are super lucky to have each other to talk about things like this.)

    Have a spiffy weekend, Toppie!!


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