sc 312 Taking Care of Bid-ness.

sc episode 312

If nothing else, this episode is proof positive — if you ever needed more proof — that Toppie is a total whack-job.  Amidst a few anecdotes, Toppie expounds upon his need to “get it together.”  To take care of business.  The concept is just this: stop procrastinating, Toppie. Just stop it.  

Podcasts mentioned on today’s show:  The Dark Forest, Ramble Redhead, and Grits To Glitz.

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14 Responses to “sc 312 Taking Care of Bid-ness.”

  1. ThatPeterG Says:

    A podcast about procrastination? I’ll listen to that tomorrow…


  2. kathybacon Says:

    dear go see why put off for tomorrow what I can do today well forget it I’d rather do it tomorrow. Okay I hope you aren’t staying at the Luxor because you’ll be alone well actually you might not be alone Adam wants to stay there but I think the rest of us are staying at the Hotel that’s attached to the luxor.

    its 2 degrees here.


  3. kathybacon Says:

    Oh Gussie!! Mister Bacon wants a pontoon now! New Harlies or Pontoon.

    That was my day! Now headed home and to the mall to get this toe painted. Should I get black or blue polish????!??!?!?!

    Still have a few minutes of the little show to listen to. That Sassy was so nonchalant – I have no idea what kind of bid-ness he is up yo but hopefully he isn’t tapping your bank account.

    I have not made plane reservations yet. Waiting for the horrid supervisor to leave and then I’m writing any angry letter to the department head. Holding my leave like that is rude And their shoving respect and Courtesey in the workplace training down our throat.

    Just blew it out, eh?!. Well! Back to reading. Little miss took my ear buds.


  4. Kathybacon Says:

    Dear Gussie, big fatty is imitating you on …. He did a good job.


    Yes! Toast her good riddance to bad rubbish.

    I was going to tell you something and now I can’t think of anything it took me so long to get to the website here on my little mini iPad


  5. KathyBac Says:

    Good thing. I businesses take checks any more. (: least around here. Relistening to this little diddly as I exercise. I have all the fun.


  6. KathyBofSD Says:

    I bought 40 check blanks – 8 sets of five I think – and then I am now thinking I am ready to let them all just take my money – and save stamps. The other thing I do is send extra – bad habit – but I try to get enough credit to eventually not have a bill one month – lame, I know.


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