sc 313 Finding Walter (Part One)

sc episode 313b

At long last, the Smellcast finally launches the first of a three-part story that will resolve Walter Snicker-Snicker’s long and mysterious disapearance.  In this episode, as Toppie’s thoughts return to his long lost friend, the whole Smellcast gang is at Jose’s Hideaway giving it a good cleaning. To Toppie’s surprise, among the volunteers is his new next door neighbor, Dallas Cody!

And at the top of the show that is indeed the Little Aussie Battler calling in to the Smellcast.

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10 Responses to “sc 313 Finding Walter (Part One)”

  1. kathybacon Says:

    3 Philip to Kohl’s mile. Okay Google thank you I said 3 electrical no not electrical the elliptical thank you google. And 2 miles on the treadmill and now I’m going home to see what that told looks like no not told toll Google you making me look like a complete fool no Google Tahoe no not Tahoe Tahoe my big toe there you go how dare you call my toe big. Note happy probably thinks I’ve been drinking note happy No toppy well kinda like that close enough


  2. Kathybacon Says:

    Major calories. Maybe I should get ripped and skip the gym tomorrow morning (:

    I’m having salmon, rice and broccoli & for some reason hungry for major calories – haha. Love ya!


  3. Kathybacon Says:

    I only ate one piece of the salmon. It’s so filling.


  4. Kathybacon Says:

    The new thing kids do these days is color one nail different than all the others it’s called the party finger I have the party toe!!


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