sc 316 Finding Walter (Part Three)

sc episode 316

April Fool’s Day is past, so get ready for “Finding Walter,” Part Three, (the conclusion) fer reelz!

Toppie, Aunt Tappie, Sassy and Billy set down in Florida to join Jose Santos for the final part of his long journey to find his beloved.  As the suspense mounts, we learn where Walter Snicker-Snicker has been all these months, what he has been doing, and finally we discover his ultimate fate!

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8 Responses to “sc 316 Finding Walter (Part Three)”

  1. kathyBacon Says:

    My super short attention span causes me to get tho listen several times. Now that the conclusion is out I can start over once more.


  2. kathyBacon Says:

    Sitting in the car alone. Kids and J are in the Capitol building. Enjoying silence. Feeling a dessert pizza overload coma coming on.

    Did you get some good sleep on the sleeps two fun? Good think cricket and billy and aunt tappie and all those guys don’t live with you.


    • kathyBacon Says:

      Fun? Thanks phone for failing me!! Futon.


      • Toppie Smellie Says:

        LOL! My first night on the Futon was okay. It’s a damn cheap bed but… it’s okay. If it lasts three years I’ll be lucky. The only thing really, really great about it? It’s that there is room for two. Anyways. And yes. Thank hydrogen that Cricket, Billy and Aunt Tappie sleep somewhere else.


  3. kathyBacon Says:

    I’m up to do Pilate’s. Its a core video. Its short. About 18 minutes. It works when you do it. Sometimes I think starvation is the best diet until I miss a meal.

    Ugh! Hoping this wind keeps up when the snow starts falling if it snows at all andaybe we can have a snow day.

    Well that annoying winsor Pilate lady is waiting ….


  4. KathyBofSD Says:

    Mari Winsor that is. Done. Thinking about doing it in the morning and at night for a few weeks –

    It is so windy out – if we had some snow to fly around it would be a snow day – bums me out – well, except that the husband is 200 miles away and if the internet goes out I will be stir crazy – I mean heat/lights.


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