sc 325 On Pins & Needles!

sc episode 325

And so it begins… Toppie is moving. Into a chicken coop. Maybe.

Also, news about the upcoming Pride48 Live Streaming Event, June 21 thru 23, 2013!

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7 Responses to “sc 325 On Pins & Needles!”

  1. Chrome Bacon Says:

    A Chicken Coup? Koop? Coop?

    This is really gross but since it is a private forum (as in no one else besides you and me and Amy post here) I will tell you – when I was young – much, much younger I used to summer at my grandparents farm and they had chickens and we used to ‘hawk/halk/hoc’ loogies and the chickens would eat them.

    I DO NOT KNOW WHY ANYONE would want to meet me …

    Also my new name is Chrome Bacon!!


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Keep in mind… this Chicken Coop was a coop back in the 1950’s Since at least 1960, it was converted to living spaces (apartments). Dear lord I am NOT going to hawk loogies at the chickens so they can eat them!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! That’s priceless, Kathy! 😀 😀


      • Chrome Bacon Says:

        NOW I really Can’t wait to listen – why do I always comment before I listen? That is where the BSC comes from, betcha? I totally have figured that out!


  2. Chrome Bacon Says:

    SO!!! Are you computer techy?

    I am not – but I did figure out that I am going to remove all the podcasts from my Mac and just keep them on my iPad – so I can free up memory on my Mac ~ and then get my pictures I took RAW edited and printed – I just bought a 32 gig card and I can take like 9898 pictures on that memory card – course RAW I don’t know how many that is – and do not be fooled for a minute into thinking I know anything about taking pictures or changing the appearance while they are RAW.


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