sc 327 Go Toppie, Go!

sc episode 327

Toppie has some shout-outs and then he’s off for his move to the chicken coop!  See you next week everyone!

Mentioned on today’s episode: The Angry Pantry and the Satyrsphere.

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5 Responses to “sc 327 Go Toppie, Go!”

  1. ChromeBacoon Says:

    Moving? Packing? Dear Gussie!!! Glad I’m not you. Lol! If I was closer I would help! Well, maybe more like I would buy lunch and keep ice cold drinks handy. Love the showart. Hope everything goes smooth. My husbands dad moved them constantly so really, they are fanatic movers. He can clean out a room in minutes and stock or unpack the same. Its nuts actually. Anyway! If we were closer I would take you to lunch and he would do the move really fast.


  2. ChromeBacoon Says:

    Good!!! I live those! I have a few for my crafts and scrapbooking supplies. Maybe by New Years I will have that room cleaned out.

    Looking forward to hearing how smooth the move went.


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