3rd Annual Super Spectacular Fourth of July/Gay Pride Extravaganza Special!

sc episode 328 4 july

Sassy, Mr. Angel, Billy Snicker-Snicker, Cricket, Aunt Tappie, Dallas Codey and Roger Bunting join Toppie at a central NY farm to celebrate Toppie’s third annual gay pride/fourth of July celebration extravaganza!

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6 Responses to “3rd Annual Super Spectacular Fourth of July/Gay Pride Extravaganza Special!”

  1. ChromeBacon Says:

    Of course this show is about campfires and smores!

    Hope the move is going marvelously! And just know when everyone moves they see what hoarders they are. Don’t let Adams perfectly stacked personal belongings fool you πŸ˜€


  2. Kathybacon Says:

    Speedo Sassy. I just love sassy. Haha. I listened to most of your little spectacular and then had to stop in the middle. Slim listening again. Sassy does and knows everything. So adorable and mouthy. Lol. So – I was listening to the fat one wondering if he pays double occupancy now that Poodle McNoodle is traveling with him. Well!! It’s elliptical time. Hope you’re able to finish up the move today. πŸ˜€ clean and be done.

    Happy 4th Smellcast Gang & Toppie.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Good question about Big Fatty… I should think he is paying more but he probably has a lot of frequent flier miles and other bonuses to fall back on and off-set Poodle’s expenses.

      I did finish up the move and I am typing these words — my very first — from the chicken coop!


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