sc 330 The Move

sc episode 330

Actual audio from Toppie’s epic move into the chicken coop apartment.

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6 Responses to “sc 330 The Move”

  1. Kathybacon Says:

    Scripts? Characters? You mean this isn’t real? Cricket? Walt?



  2. ChromeBacon Says:

    I hope this show pre-dates David’s sit in for Tom or I’m NOW worried ~ Dallas! A midnightcalling?!?!

    I would think that if the neighbors could hear you it wwould be muffled. Hang a lot of pictures to absorb sound. Just be yourself. You told the coop owner you do a podcast – so should they complain just tell them you were on Game Night Guys playing the game of Life and you just made it to the mansion. :D.


  3. Jay the Hauntcub Says:

    Please to have me on your little show! I could either do a part (something spooky, perhaps?) or be myself (blech). Thankyouverymuch.


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