sc 346 The Prelude

sc episode 346

This is the big lead-in to our super-special, big, gigantic SEASON-ENDER EPISODE that will totally rock the pod-o-sphere next episode! Not to be missed! Well… Pretty much anyways…

Special guest voice guest stars this episode:  Brenda Boo as Mindy and Craig the Freak Geek as Porter Boudroux.

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2 Responses to “sc 346 The Prelude”

  1. cronehaven Says:

    Like the hat.
    Can’t say I like the implication of a “season ending” episode.


  2. kathys Bacon Says:


    Are these holiday blues?!!? You need a chrima tree, lights and Chrima music! Snap out of it. WiFi? Pandora free on the iPad?! Christmas tunes. Smiles to follow. Bill forthcoming in the mail.


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