sc 356 Geeky McGeek-Fest Part Two

sc episode 356

Toppie and Jay the Hauntcub continue their geek-fest about weird sci-fi and fantasy television programs. Plus: find out who won last episode’s pop quiz!

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4 Responses to “sc 356 Geeky McGeek-Fest Part Two”

  1. Kathy Bacon Says:

    YOUR SHOWS are just awesome. Just sayin’

    Hat and I bought a website together – hope you visit it one day –


  2. Toppie Smellie Says:

    LOL!!! I see on my wordpress secret spy notes that someone accessed the Smellcast wordpress page by searching “baron frosti’s eye condition next blime… that HAD to be you Kathy! 😀

    What are you and Hattie calling your new web site?


  3. Kathy Bacon Says:

    that is flipping crazy – yes – it is a question on his fanzine – I googled it and when it came up your show – I was flabberghasted that was the answer – I have yet to call it in to his little show.

    I am not sure how this works – I have to connect the domain name to his server – sounds sexy doesn’t it – I wonder if I shouldn’t get my husbands approval – wait – oh, forget it. I am so happy to see you branching out and going places – your travel show was so good today – I enjoyed it out loud as I have been cleaning in my kitchen all morning and seems to be afternoon too – but anyway –

    Well- you have a great weekend Toppie – I won’t be smelling you later – LOL – I will be waiting for your Aks BFatty call



    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Okay — — I’ll be watching out for it. Look folks! It’s a new website from the Kathy Bacon and the HatM from the BhudaPESHT! Glad you enjoyed the travel show, Kathy. I’m going to make that call to Big Fatty in about five minutes from now. Have a great Sun-Dee! Thanks for listening! 🙂


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