sc 359 Mirror Shmirror (Part Two)

sc episode 359

First Toppie says some important “thank-you’s” before the main little sturry.  Then listen to the conclusion of “Mirror Shmirror”! Toppie, Aunt Tappie and Sassy are all TRAPPED in a mirror dimension!  Listen as they make a last-ditch, desperate attempt to escape! Can Sassy save the day??

Mentioned on today’s podcast: Mark the Laffingbuddha and his Scooter Diaries Podcast. And a huge thank-you to Moose P!

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7 Responses to “sc 359 Mirror Shmirror (Part Two)”

  1. Kathy Bacon Says:

    Hope you have the MOST AWESOME TIME IN YEARS tomorrow night – wish you could have taken a Sunday Holiday – 😀 I am a big fat jealous ellis ….


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Yay! Thank you so much Kathy B! I am looking forward to it — and admittedly I am a tad nervous — but that’s par for the course! I’m guessing it will be a fine night! Look out Baron Frosti and friends — here I come!! Wish you could be there Kathy (I’ll tell you all about it later)!


  2. Kathy Bacon Says:

    I hope you go back again – or them to you – or whatever the lay out is – Baron is filthy rich so he can fly his jet from Alaska to finger lakes I bet every weekend.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      I could tell Baron was a man of means the moment he flashed me his watch — which was the same color as the fitbit on his other arm! Yes, he was flaunting his ability to color-coordinate!


  3. Butler Says:

    I think we’ve all said “Fuck you, Match Game” at least once.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      LOL!!!!!! Indeedy yes Butler! Yes indeedy!


      • Butler Says:

        I hesitate to encourage any of Sassy’s sinister doings, but it was indeed a fine performance. I don’t know if they will ever give Oscars to podcasts. Would Sassy attend the ceremony in an ice-blue floor-length strapless satin gown?


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