sc 365 Pride48 Hi-Jacked: The Fall part 2

sc episode 365

As heard LIVE on Pride48 last Friday, June 20th at 10:00 PM EDT Toppie Smellie presents the Fall, Part 2.  Toppie’s arch-nemisis Alfred P. Woogie Hi-Jacks the Pride 48 stream!  Excitement beyond belief!  Action as you’ve never heard it!  Well… pretty much anyways!

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4 Responses to “sc 365 Pride48 Hi-Jacked: The Fall part 2”

  1. Kathy Bacon Says:

    Sure know how hard it is to pay attention to the live chat room after doing a little show with Hat. I am happy to have spoke to him for four hours total over the weekend. Anyway!!! Looking forward to giving yours another whirl. After it’s over it’s a sad moment and then all the replays a reminder of the fun. And of course a few shows on hiatus. So ~ a few days before some new ones. Anyway! Hope the rest of your summer is a blast and will catch your live show in september.


  2. Kathy Bacon Says:

    toppie – can I bother you to make sure that Baron Consumes WAY TOO MUCH this weekend, my fitbit thanks you. xox


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