sc 366 The Fall Part 3: The Unanswered

sc episode 366

The Fall trilogy ends with “The Unaswered,”  as Toppie explores the meaning of life.

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8 Responses to “sc 366 The Fall Part 3: The Unanswered”

  1. cronehaven Says:

    shame to waste good grub . . .


  2. Tastes Like Burning (@TLBTim) Says:

    Oh Toppie, an enchanting episode as always. I wondered if I could impose and ask you what the semi operatic music was that you used in this episode. (Mostly between min 8 and 11) It was beautiful.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      OH POOPIES!! I found the song in my collection, but it is one that I retitled to benefit my own way to catalog my music for the lil’ sturries I do. I am sorry to say I have lost the source from which it came. I can only tell you that I found it on YouTube. It is a purdy piece of music… wish I could tell you more Tim… 😦


  3. Tastes Like Burning (@TLBTim) Says:

    No Problem Toppie, I enjoyed it none the less. I do the same thing for my files though I will say if you have time and think to look, the detailed properties (if its a file on your computer) usually holds the root info despite a file name change. Either way, loving the show as usual!


  4. Tastes Like Burning (@TLBTim) Says:

    Oh Toppie, just to let you know I was able to use an app to figure out the song, it is Oasis by Tarja on the album My Winter Storm. I appreciate the reply though, and as always looking forward to the next SmellCast!


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