sc 392 This is the Time of Our Lives

sc episode 392Toppie describes a very hipster night out on the town with his sweet Mammo.  Then on Pickle Hollow: Sheriff Bragstone finally talks to Walter Snicker-Snicker at Dark Raven Wood Cliff Mansion, and Mindy Mindelson prowls around Cromwell University to find the missing Roger Bunting.

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4 Responses to “sc 392 This is the Time of Our Lives”

  1. Moose Says:

    Love the new format, but you do whatever you like. Always a pleasure to hear what your podcast.

    Can hardly wait for next episode. Hope the sheriff is ok. He sounds like a kind fellow.


  2. KathyBacon Says:

    I like the intro music.

    I like the Toppie updates and a sassy interruption. I LOVE sassy more than a person should ever love anything.

    Do what makes you happy TOPPIE Lou.

    Liked by 1 person

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