The Smellcast: Pride48 June 2015 Live Streaming Event!

sc special June 2015

This is the Smellcast’s contribution to Pride48’s Live Streaming Event for June 2015.

Special thanks to Tim and James from the TASTES LIKE BURNING podcast for their contributions to this episode.

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2 Responses to “The Smellcast: Pride48 June 2015 Live Streaming Event!”

  1. cronehaven Says:

    I was bummed that your live show conflicted with a Dinner Event I had to attend. When I got to the Event I changed from a table near the hors-d’œuvre to a table with a seat near an outlet so I could keep my phone charged, the chatroom open, and the TuneIn app set at pride48. I had one earbud in and one ear free. I got away with it until the person I came with figured it would be entertaining to point out my faux pas to the others at the table. Have you ever tried to explain an addiction to The Smellcast to a table of strangers?

    Anyway, I kept my earbud in, mostly, and was glad the show was recorded so I could hear whatever I missed during the live show.


  2. Toppie Smellie Says:

    Oh, the nerve of some people who enjoy pointing out our faux pas! Well, all you can do is say you tried. Glad you could catch up later! Before I could explain the addiction, I’d have to explain what is a Smellcast… and that would be difficult. And I woul;dn’t know what to tell them if they asked “oh, where can I hear that?” I think I would lie and give them the feed for the Ramble Red Head Show! 😉

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