sc 412 Once More these Glasses Mangled

sc episode 412

First Toppie, Sassy McSass-Sass and Aunt Tappie gather to grieve the loss of the musical artist Prince. Then, Toppie wants to Netflix and chill, but nobody else is interested.  Also, grab a seat folks! Here comes another epic MANGLED GLASSES sturry! Plus listener interaction and more Stick It Out Your Back Door submissions!

Here is Ranger John's froggie-frog!

Here is Ranger John’s froggie-frog!

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8 Responses to “sc 412 Once More these Glasses Mangled”

  1. Kathy Bacon Says:

    I have to bite The bulletin go to the eye doctor because I just put my last pair of contacts this morning. Eyeballs should be replaceable.

    Getting back to fitbitting. Went to the doctor about the pain. Got a pill. Because pills are always the answer. And guess what?!? Never felt better.

    Hey! I got ZERO vanilla yogurt. I love it so much.

    Have a great weekend Toppie. Can’t wait to hear the show. And ~ what? There’s a squeaky door? I thought that was a sound lip. LOL.

    And Moose does let the bunnies free in the house – I think they’re put away at night. They’re mischievous. Don’t get any if you don’t like your cords being chewed up. They are potty trained and only poop when they eat hay. And the hay is next to their terlit.

    Laters taters.


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Eyeballs SHOULD be replaceable. My pill collection had grown to six a day abut now I am down to five. All I have to do is lose weight to get off two more pills. Ha! Ha! “All I have to do…”

      Hmmm… I buy yogurt and then let it sit in the fridge too long and it spoils. It looks good in the store… but not in my fridge.

      I had no idea you could litter train bunnies.

      Sounds like (from BFO) that you’re going to be having a busy couple of weekends. Hope they get a turkey! And hope you have some fun!


      • Kathy Bacon Says:

        We had a great time in Rapid. We even found the store where we could buy stuff for the school D goes to. He was surprised when we met him in our attire.
        This past weekend was fun too with my family.

        So Toppie!! One more busy weekend ~ parties Friday & Saturdsy and then I think we are on our own for a couple weeks and then I am going to go on a week long business trip with J ! We will lodge in Haggerstown MD and he will commute to Shady Grove PA for his schooling. I am going to be a sloth for five days in a hotel with my kindle and iPad. I cannot wait. Maybe. No. I am going to do this. Have to do this.


  2. Kay Says:

    I am another “lurker.” My name is kadin but I prefer to be called Kay because apparently it’s hard to pronounce my name. I live in the Washington D.C. area. I’m from the D.C area as well. I started listening to you when I was 16. I am now 18 and a freshman in college, going to Maryland University. I’m studying architecture on a 5 year course. You “opened” me to the world of “gay” podcasters, so I thank you for that. Also, I know it’s May, so you are very busy at work, so I hope you don’t get overwhelmed. Anyway, just wanted to say that I’m here and listening to you! Have a great rest of the month!
    P.S. My birthday is July 23, so I would love a shout out when the July episode rolls around! Bye!


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      Yay Kay!!!

      I am SO happy you have introduced yourself! You are the FOURTH person that I know of who listens to me via Washington DC!

      Wow I can’t believe I introduced you to so much podcasting goodness! That’s one of the best things anybody has ever told me!

      My Uncle went to Cornell University to become an architect. He is still working in Los Angeles. One of the best things about creating things like spaces and buildings is that it combines well with listening to podcasts!

      Freshman year was the hardest for me. The best advice I can give you is this: Ask questions. Never, ever be afraid to ask questions. TAKE ADVANTAGE of the teachers and their knowledge. Find and frequently consult a MENTOR.

      Thanks again for introducing yourself! Nice to know you’re out there!


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