sc 570 The Great Boppity Hop Race of 2022

Some of the very last Boppity Hops manufactured in Pickle Hollow

THIS EPISODE!!  The gang from the SHY LIFE PODCAST joins Toppie for the BIGGEST EVENT OF THE CENTURY!!! Don’t miss THE GREAT BOBBPITY HOP RACE OF 2022!!! 

Once again, Special thanks to Paul Chandler from the Shy Life Podcast  for his vocal contributions to this episode!

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You can listen to episode 570 right now on your computer or phone by clicking the play button below or you can download it for later!

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2 Responses to “sc 570 The Great Boppity Hop Race of 2022”

  1. cronehaven Says:

    Thanks for taking time out from your pre-race preparations to get together!


    • Toppie Smellie Says:

      It was my pleasure Crone Haven! Actually the dinner you treated me to just prior to the race, probably accounted for much of my stamina during the actual event! Lots of Iron in the blood helps carry oxygen, don’t you know… Hope you enjoyed your time in Pickle Hollow! It was great to see you and Bea!


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