sc 588 Along Came A Poke Rib

A bit of yappin’ and a lot of cookin’ as Toppie shows off his recipe for SMOTHERED COUNTRY STYLE PORK RIBS!

Special thanks to Paul Chandler from the Shy Life Podcast for his guest appearance on today’s lil’ shoe.

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You can listen to episode 588 of the Smellcast right now on your computer or phone by clicking the play button below or you can click on the three vertical dots and download it for later.

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4 Responses to “sc 588 Along Came A Poke Rib”

  1. BUTLER Says:

    It’s interesting that you got a call for Sassy exactly when you were preparing the smothered country-style pork ribs


  2. cronehaven Says:

    My mom, the best cook, made the best gravy.
    Me: “Mom, how can I make gravy as good as yours?
    Mom: “You have to cook the flour.”
    When gathering with relatives for a holiday meal …
    Me: “That gravy wasn’t very good.”
    Mom: “She didn’t cook the flour. Remember, you have to cook the flour.”
    I was reserving judgement while listening to the podcast. I was paying attention to hear if you were going to take the time to do the gravy right. And you did! You cooked the gravy right!
    Toppie’s Gravy, Mom-approved.


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