Be A Guest on the Smellcast!

We would love to have YOU as our very special guest on the Smellcast!

All you need is to have (or to get — it’s free!) Skype on your computer — and a microphone / headset!  Please contact Toppie ( and let him know you’re interested in making an appearance our little show!  A time convenient to everyone will be arranged, and then a date scheduledthen voila — YOU’RE A GUEST!

C’mon by — Sassy will get you a cold adult beverage — or a hot chocolate!  Pull up a chair… and let’s chat!

The topic can be one of your choice!  Or we can discuss it via e-mail first to decide what to jibber-jabber about!  Or we can just relax, do it impromptu and see what comes up by way of casual conversation.

This invitation is open to
anyone and everyone
who would like to come on board!
We would love for you to PARTICIPATE!!