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September 8, 2015

sc episode 400

If you thought episodes 0 through 399 were weird…  wait until you get a load of this…

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sc 139 N.P.P.N.E.N.S.J. Day One

January 1, 2011

DAY ONE: Happy New Year.  The Smellcast is officially one year old!  Yay us!  Guess what?  This is No Post Production — No Edit — No Smoking January!!!  Yeah, I know — great huh?  Yes. I did type “NO SMOKING.”  I intend to do my best — give my most sincere effort — do my effing best to QUIT SMOKING beginning January 1, 2011 (umm… today).

This month I will be podcasting every day.  You can be a part of the show by connecting with me via SKYPE.  My Skype name or “handle,” is SMELLCAST.  Every night — YES! EVERY NIGHT! — I am going to be available for anyone to talk to me and be recorded for the Smellcast.  All are welcome —  Podcasters and non-podcasters, alike. YES, ANYONE!  Anyone can contact me on Skype! Participate!  Offer me encouragement.  If you’re an ex-smoker, skype me and tell me how you quit!  Or just Skype me up and help me pass the time by chit chatting with me about whatever!  Very informal.  No worries!  For that one half hour every night, I will be available to chat with ANYONE (you don’t have to be a podcaster) on Skype.  Just contact me with my Skype name: smellcast.

In the mean time, in-between time, I will be coming at you EVERYDAY with a new podcast!  Uhh… minus any fancy shmancy post production or editing wizardry.  Give it a try.  Come have fun with me.  Every day this month of January.  Right here on the SMELLCAST!

Please write to Toppie at Leave a comment right here on Toppie’s blog. Friend Toppie Smellie on Facebook. Be on Toppie’s show by connecting with Toppie on Skype (smellcast) 10pm to 10:30 PM EST. (USA) Mon thru Sunday (for the month of January ONLY!)!

Click the link below to listen to the Smellcast, episode 139.

The Smellcast/Episode 139

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