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sc 298 Much Ado About Sassy.

December 9, 2012

sc episode 298

Toppie welcomes the Christmas season to the Smellcast, with some readings from greeting cards sent in by listeners. Toppie then gives you an update on how his parental units are coping with the Christmas season, and talks about his own wishy-washy feelings about the holiday.

Then come the phone calls. Yes. Phone calls from unhappy listeners. Listeners who are, it appears, overly sentimental about Sassy, and who are not happy about the last episode of the Smellcast.

Eventually Toppie finally connects with Aunt Tappie, who hips him as to what’s really going on. And that’s how we find ourselves by the end of the episode… with the return of Sassy to the Smellcast.

Toppie hopes you are all happy now.

Meanwhile, Toppie alerts you to his guest spot on ScreamQueenz.. . the podcast where horror gets bent! Host Patrick allows Toppie a full 45 minutes to blab on and on about his beloved old TV soap, Dark Shadows.

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