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sc 233 “What’s It All About?”

November 27, 2011

The Eccch-Mas season of stress is here, but what’s it all about.  Anyway?  Toppie’s advice:  “Just say no.”

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sc 133 “The Black Friday Incident.”

December 3, 2010

And they’re off!  It’s Christmas shopping season: time to SPEND! SPEND! SPEND! BUY! BUY! BUY! Toppie has only $100.00 in cash money to spend on Black Friday.  But he also has a credit card in his wallet.  Will Toppie — who has only just recently reduced his debt to zero — succumb to the season’s sinister seduction to SPEND SPEND BUY BUY? Meanwhile, Sassy has discovered “Grindr!”

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The Smellcast/Episode 133

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