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Episode 10: Fear Rules

January 11, 2010

Toppie reveals In this intimate chit chat that he became aware of his own mortality at the age of three.  From that time  forward, whether it was mother nature in the form of lightning and floods or more mundane issues such as the Vietnam war, fear ruled his life.

As if real life fears weren’t enough, young Toppie became obsessed with threats of the absurd kind from space aliens to the terrifying Big Foot, a creature he knew lurked in the dark woods just outside his house, waiting… waiting…

Later, when he was twenty years old and finally becoming a sexually active young adult, fear continued to rule Toppie’s life in the form of the just then emerging threat of HIV and AIDS.

Click the link below to listen to The Smellcast, episode 10

Smellcast/Episode 10

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