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sc 121 Hair Raising Movies.

October 21, 2010

Using some great sound clips, Toppie counts down his all-time favorite horror movies! These are the scary movies that have left their mark on Toppie:  City of the Dead (aka Horror Hotel), The Haunting, The Legend of Hell House, The Legend of Lizzie Borden, The Other, Salem’s Lot, The Sixth Sense, The Ring, Psycho, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Frankenstein: The True Story, Night of the Living Dead, The Shining, The Exorcist, and Halloween.

And for all you horror film enthusiasts, please look for this wonderful new podcast from New York City, devoted to horror movies:
Scream Queenz. Your host, Patrick, has a very lively delivery and a fun personality. His show, in addition to being a great way to keep up with the latest horror flick releases on screen and on DVD, is also just plain entertaining — as well as informative — on its own!  Check it out!  And tell him Toppie Smellie sent ya!

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Click the link below to listen to the Smellcast, episode 121.

The Smellcast/Episode 121

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