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sc 253 You Can Really Taste The Difference!

February 4, 2012

So…  I’ve decided to go with Libsyn as my podcast’s host provider.  I know… real original solution, huh?  Well.  I’ll do a podcast about my decision down the road.  Not all the links or itunes stuff is in place yet.  But below you can find a link for a direct download.  I’m also attempting to use Feedburner — and I’ve probably totally screwed that up.  Anyone out there use Feedburner?  I could use some advice…  write me, okay?

Anyways… on with the show.

Among the topics Toppie blathers about today is his new job assignment at work, his latest car woes, a parental update, some fun listener mail and finally the biggest news of all — tomorrow Toppie and his mother will travel to the far reaches of New York State to retrieve the family’s NEW PUPPY DOG!

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Right click HERE to Direct Download episode 253.

(not yet available on itunes)

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