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sc 513 The Sandbox Collection 07

April 15, 2020

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Toppie welcomes Jay the Hauntcub and Paul Chandler to the little shoe today for a gabfest that barely, almost not at all, has NOTHING to do with you-know-what!  It’s mostly about television shoes!  Mostly.

Mentioned on today’s Sandbox:
Mattinae Minutiae with DJ and Toppie
The Shy Life Podcast with Paul Chandler

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sc 286 The Conflict (Part Two)

September 2, 2012

In an effort to save his old pal Walt’s former restaurant space, once known as “Jose’s Hideaway,” Toppie protests outside of a soon-to-open Chick Fil A restaurant, with Billy, Cricket and Aunt Tappie.  But in the middle of extensive media coverage, Toppie makes an embarrassing move in front of the cameras and ruins EVERYTHING!  Now NOBODY on the entire cast is even speaking to him!  And there’s less than two weeks before Toppie’s LIVE Pride48 show!  Oh, the suspense!  Oh, the humanity!  Plus!  Don’t miss Roger Bunting’s startling admission!

Please to enjoy today’s ‘lil episode: part two of the four part story that leads right up to September 14th’s BIG LIVE PRIDE48 show by Toppie, beginning at MIDNIGHT!  Be sure to open the stream at!  to listen LIVE as it happens! Join in the chat room conversation!  It’ll be great fun!

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sc 154 Part Two of A Visit with the Fey Driver!

February 19, 2011

In this second of a two part interview, enjoy another visit with the Fey Driver from the Pink Wheelnuts podcast!  Today the Fey Driver begins by telling the story of how he met Mister Anderson, his partner of fourteen years.  Then, Fey describes what it’s been like becoming a new home owner with Mister Anderson.  We talk a little bit about the film industry in Vancouver, Canada where the Fey Driver lives.  Also, a discussion about the over-abundance of media in our lives — and how we create media as podcasters.

Then the Fey Driver turns the tables on Toppie and asks him some questions about some of the productions on the Smellcast, including how Toppie has colaborated with Mark in Canada and his post production and editing process.  Toppie talks a little bit about the origins of the Smellcast.  The “Bridget” connection on PinkWheelnuts.  Fey talks about meeting Mark in Canada, and how Mark helped Fey create Pink Wheelnuts.

Mentioned in this podcast:  The Fey Driver over at PinkWheelnuts, Shane and Bridget over at Emergency Pants, and Mark in Canada over at Musings of A Tech Writer.

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The Smellcast/Episode 154

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