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Smellcast Update! Mher!

February 3, 2012

Smell-O Listeners of the Smellcast!

By now many of you probably know that Mevio has not just had a mega-glitch.  They have “pivoted” into a new stratagem that has left many of us “producers of content” shit out of luck.

But fear not True Believers!  I am busy looking into alternatives, and… well… be assured that the Smellcast and its entire cast of ne’er do wells will return soon with new progrums!  Ummm… just as soon as I figure out how.

No, no no…  HARRR!!!  Of COURSE I mean, I have everything under COMPLETE control!!!!  Yes I do!   And sooner than later…  No, I mean really… just you wait.  I mean, I’m telling you right now…  it’s going to be…  well… it’s just going to be… erm…  it’s going to be something else!  HAH!!!

Seriously though, it won’t be too awful long before you will be hearing a way-out new podcast heading your way!  Keep hanging loose and FACE-FRONTING!  And all that sort of rot!


(gasp)  No, I’m okay.  HAH!!  I kid… I’m a kidder!  Really.  I’m in TOTAL control.  No, really.  No, really.  No. Really (wink!).

But Mevio?  I’m not kidding about YOU.  Nope.  Not kidding.



Not kidding.

Just kidding.

Not really.


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