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sc 258 Taboos!

February 21, 2012

Join Toppie for a conversation with Jay (Hauntcub) and Musing Mark from Canada as they first discuss pets and then delve into a more serious taboo discussion concerning NAMBLA.  Everyone wants to sweep NAMBLA under the rug, but in an earnest effort to explore the topic, Toppie, Mark and Jay openly discuss some extremely taboo subject matters.

Also: Tara from Michigan won the unofficial non-contest that asked the question: What podcasting super-sar portrayed the voice of Sebastienne (Sassy’s new love interest on the Smellcast)?  As fate would have it, HatM from The Angry Pantry Podcast is lending his talented voice to the Smellcast to portray Sassy’s new mysterious love-interest, Sebastienne! Congratulations to Tara for being the first to identify that HatM from Budapest!!!

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